A better way tomanage databases

Become your own Database-as-a-service. Kubernetes made it easy to manage containers, now we make it simple to deploy databases.

We handle the data infrastructure so that you can focus on the application. Have the freedom to host your database on any major cloud provider, on-premise or bare metal.
Deploy your open source data infrastructure from Kubernetes like you would do from any hosted solution.

Kubernetes as a control plane

Kubernetes as a control hub for organizations helps to streamline the deployment of container applications and adopt a more Devops friendly culture.

Easy to use

Deploy the application as a single Kubernetes service. Simple to operate with minimal operational overhead.


Define your database deployments using declarative Yaml.Fined grained control over configuration, computational resources and storage.

Native integration

Integrate with other Kubernetes services for service mesh, gateway, monitoring and more.

Empower your data platform

Data processing requirements (i.e databases, queues, schedulers) have increased as companies try to become more data-driven. Transform how your team handles data by running Open Source databases at scale.


Deploy any Open source database in our catalog from a unified interface. Based on OSS, easy to extend and integrate for custom needs

Secure by default

Protect your data with a consistent, audited and secured workflow. Enabled by default, both inflight and stored data are secured.

Quick setup

Streamline the deployment of any database in seconds. Remove bottlenecks in your data infrastructure and move faster from test to production.


Multicloud solutions are increasingly being considered by companies in order to avoid vendor lock-in, respect data regulations or to empower on-prem infrastructures. Tesera lets you have consistent database deployments across multiple providers.

Run on any cloud

Optimize your cloud usage and eliminate vendor lock-in. Deploy on any major cloud on VM or bare metal with zero operational complexity.

Unlock on-premise platforms

Modernize your existing on-premise infrastructure. Enjoy the same flexibility and scalability as if you were running databases on the cloud.

Simple federation

Connect your services with federated databases as part of the same service mesh.

Covered from end to end

Enjoy the same benefits of running a hosted solution and avoid the recurring operational costs for updates, security backups and monitoring.

Upgrades with zero downtime

Move between minor versions without downtime and stay up to date with security patches and improvements.

Full lifecycle

Automated configuration, provision and recovery. Avoid costly investments to maintain a healthy data infrastructure.

Deep insights

Export metrics, insights, workload analysis and more in real time. Integrated with any major cloud monitoring service.

Enterprise ready

Seamless integration

Deploy any database in a wide variety of data infrastructures (Kubernetes, on-prem, public clouds and bare metal) while keeping a consistent and strong security standard.

No vendor lock-in

Both the databases in our catalog and the core technology of Tesera (Ensemble) are Open source such that it is easier to embrace a multicloud strategy.

Security first

Tesera integrates with a wide collection of standard security and enterprise practices like Single-Sign On, role based access control, reporting, audit logs and more.

Powered by Open Source.We created Ensemble.

An Open source operator for Kubernetes to run and orchestrate any database on production. Start in seconds not in hours.

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