About Us

Tesera is a remote-first company with offices in Valencia that helps business become more data-driven providing solutions to automatize data pipelines from end to end.

Who We Are

Tesera is a young startup founded by Ferrán Borreguero and Alba Tudela with the mission of providing companies with the best user experience when it comes to processing their data and obtaining insights about their business.

Every year, new ideas to handle data at scale appear: from ingestion, to storage and machine learning. Data processing has become a field that spans multiple organizational layers inside the company and involves many different technologies. We aim to provide companies with a unified layer to manage all of their data solutions in one place. As the data infrastructure evolves, so do we.

Rooted in Open Source, all of our core products are developed openly. We believe in working together with the community to provide open and more specific solutions to the world.

Every step of our team is in accordance with our human-centered culture. For us the most important thing is the people we work with. We want to empower any company, no matter the size, to understand their data in a more meaningful way.

Our Team

  • Ferran Borreguero

    CEO & CTO

    Ferran was previously the lead backend engineer at three blockchain startups where he worked on cloud, automation and high scalable solutions in Go.

  • Alba Tudela


    Alba was a Creative Designer and copywriter in some of the best advertising companies in Spain such as Ogilvy. She did campaigns for Coca-Cola or Netflix among others.